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Work with Movado

Work with Movado

It is Carisen’s honor to participate in the December 2019 supplier conference as a high quality and high-end custom watches manufacturer by Movado Group. At the meeting, Movado conveyed the following valuable message to us: It is an era of opportunities and challenges in the future, after the merger and acquisition of MVMT and OLIVIA BURTON brands, it will give full play to the advantages of brand precipitation and audience customer groups, promote digital marketing strategy and become an absolutely influential brand. At the same time, it will strengthen the international and licensed brands business, and achieve a cross-border multi-win pattern. In order to gain more global market share, strengthen custom watch China brand awareness and achieve excellent results in the field of digital marketing, it is bound to work closely with upstream and downstream to require all suppliers to improve work efficiency, reduce production costs and ensure quality, so as to provide value for money products and services to end customers, implement the real global value chain provider.

To respond to the call of Movado Group, and to become its AAA-level watches supplier, today the participants are organizing all of the company's high-level cross-functional team meetings with the topic of how to reduce internal communication costs, how to improve work efficiency, how to avoid a series of trial and error costs and other problems caused by incorrect information transmission, and supervise each department manager to put forward the rectification plan and execute it. Firstly, we need to do the internal self-examination, then the external supervision, and finally be tested by the customers.

At the same time, in order to work with Movado Group in timepieces business with depth in the year 2020, The Director of Marketing convened an emergency meeting for all team members with the topic of how to provide the customer with better service. Clear the direction of the work in the future, and decompose the working details into place. Make every part has the corresponding training, standardize our procedure as much as possible, reduce unnecessary cost expense, become the most representative bulk custom watches supply chain member of Movado Group.

Carisen Group is ready to meet the big order test from Movado Group, while the achievement of Movado to be the global best value chain service provider, also let us have a step closer to the world's excellent watches brand business, the future can be expectant.

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