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Carisen Watches & Accessory

CARISEN is a leading new watches company specializing in the custom production of quartz watches and mechanical watches. We are committed to providing high quality carisen watches to B2B brand customers worldwide. Our main customer groups are distributed in Europe and the United States, and many well-known brands cooperate with us to witness our outstanding performance in the field of watch products manufacturing.

Carisen Watches & Accessory

CARISEN adheres to the development of innovation and technology of watch products, has a professional R & D team, constantly innovate, to provide customers with unique and fashionable new watches design. We adhere to the process concept of excellence, from raw material procurement, production process to final product inspection, strictly control every link, to ensure the delivery of excellent quality products for customers.

Advantgaes of Carisen Watches & Accessory

Advantgaes of Carisen Watches & Accessory

We create the watch products to show your ethos. Our goal is to grow the factory brand industrial watches through our one-stop high-end custom watches supply chain management services. 

All of our watch products are green-friendly designed and comply with environmental guidelines.     

Advantgaes of Carisen Watches & Accessory

We provide two year warranty for watch products! You can learn all the care details in our warranty policy that ensure you buy or sell CARISEN watches confidently.

Advantgaes of Carisen Watches & Accessory

Imported MIYOTA movement and RONDA movements, the quality is guaranteed!

Advantgaes of Carisen Watches & Accessory

Custom Process Of Carisen Watches & Accessory

Carisen has hundreds of watch styles and watch products, mainly including: couple watch, lady watch, gentleman watch, sports watch, leisure watch and diving watch,etc. We serve as a professional watch exporter and our watch products are exported to Southeast Asia, Europe, North America and other countries in the world.

Our industrial watches are mainly made of stainless steel, which can be matched with stainless steel watchbands, silicone straps, rubber straps, leather straps and nylon straps. And the custom logo watches wholesale are made with movements imported from Japan or Switzerland, so the stability and durability of the movement is very good

Custom Process Of Carisen Watches & Accessory
FAQs of Carisen Watches & Accessory

FAQs of Carisen Watches & Accessory

How to pack and deliver?

What are the delivery options?

How long is the time for samples and mass goods delivery?

What are the payment options?

How long does the warranty last?

What's the minimum order quantity?

How to keep the luster of metal watches?

If you have perfassional forwarder, you can ask them do the shipping metarial andwe will cooperate with them to ship the goods.

If you don't have a forwarder, we can shipping goods for you and you just need to do the customs clearance in the destination.We will shipping goods by FEDEX, DHL and UPS.

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