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Custom ODM Watch

Custom ODM Watch

Custom ODM watch for sale offers a unique and fully personalized timepiece creation process. ODM involves designing and manufacturing watches from scratch based on the client's specifications. This approach allows customers to have complete control over the watch's design, materials, functionality, and features. Custom ODM design watch offers unparalleled creativity and exclusivity, providing clients with a one-of-a-kind timepiece that reflects their individuality and vision. 

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Options on Custom ODM Watch Wholesale


Custom logo or engraving, add the watch custom logo or artwork on the dial or engraving on the back with no minimum per style. 


Additional customizations, such as changing the bands or dial styles, are also available. 


You can also customize the movement type, change the case color, and change the dial design, be they womens odm watches or odm mens watches. 


The trigger point of the shoulder and neck is located at the midpoint of the scapula and stays for 10 to 15 seconds.

Why Choose Carisen Custom ODM Watch for Sale?

Opting for our ODM smart watch process presents an excellent opportunity for those seeking to broaden their product range with watches or establish their own watch brand. We are the professioanl ODM watch manufacturer, we believe that through our ODM design watch approach, you can swiftly and economically produce private label luxury watches ready for sale. Unlike custom-made watches tailored to a specific buyer, our ODM watch wholesale come as blank templates that can be customized with your brand. Furthermore, these templates are made accessible to other companies, allowing them to apply their brand and market the same designs. This manufacturing model is commonly referred to as "white label" or "private label," offering flexibility and scalability.

ODM Watch Work Process

  • Consultation and Conceptualization:

Initiate the ODM design watch process with a consultation between the brand and the ODM manufacturer. Discuss the brand's vision, target market, and design preferences to create a comprehensive concept for the ODM watch for sale.

  • Design Proposal and Approval:

The ODM watch manufacturer presents design proposals based on the brand's specifications. The brand reviews and approves the design, ensuring it aligns with their aesthetic and functional requirements.

  • Material Selection and Prototyping:

Collaboratively choose materials for the watch components. The ODM watch company creates prototypes for the brand's evaluation, allowing for adjustments to be made before mass production.

  • Quality Control Standards:

Define and establish quality control standards for the production process. This includes specifications for materials, craftsmanship, and performance to ensure a consistent level of quality across the entire production run.

  • Mass Production:

Once the design and prototypes are finalized, the ODM watch manufacturer begins mass production. This involves the assembly of components, quality checks at various stages, and adherence to the agreed-upon production schedule.

  • Quality Assurance and Testing:

Rigorous quality assurance is conducted to verify that each ODM watch for sale meets the established standards. Testing may include accuracy checks, water resistance tests, and durability assessments.

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