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Carisen Pearl Watches

Carisen Pearl Watches

Each model is uniquely crafted, inheriting exceptional watchmaking techniques, delivering an extraordinary experience. We proudly employ state-of-the-art horological techniques, blending traditional craftsmanship with modern technology, to create unparalleled Pearl Watches. Every step is meticulously honed, from design to manufacturing, consistently pursuing excellence in quality.

Pearl Watch Recommendations

Pearl Watch Recommendations

Natural mother-of-pearl is a shimmering and iridescent substance that coats the inner surface of certain mollusk shells, especially used for crafting watch dials and cases. Artificial mother-of-pearl is created using scales from fish and animal horns. Mother-of-pearl exhibits a milky white luster. The dials of Carisen watches are made from mother-of-pearl, ensuring enduring color stability.

Pearl Watches: Elegance Crafted from Ocean's Beauty

Pearl, the iridescent and resilient inner layer found in the protective shells of certain mollusks like abalones, pearl oysters, and mussels, is a marvel of nature. Comprising thin layers of calcium carbonate, its ethereal colors shimmer and shift due to the entrapped and reflected light waves within. Across Eastern and Western cultures, pearl has been cherished as both an adornment and an inlay material.

Our Pearl Watches capture the essence of oceanic beauty by featuring meticulously processed shell fragments as watch dials. These exquisite bulk custom watches, carefully incorporated into the watches, bestow an eternal and unchanging charm. Pearl Watches are designed for those who seek timepieces that reflect their individuality. The uniqueness of each watch is rooted in the distinct nature of pearl itself. Its surface is truly one-of-a-kind, much like human fingerprints. Leveraging cutting-edge production technology, the watches exhibit a myriad of colors, ranging from pure white to midnight blue.

With Pearl Watches, we celebrate the distinctive allure of the sea's treasure, bringing an unparalleled sense of elegance and uniqueness to every wrist.

Pearl Watches: Elegance Crafted from Ocean's Beauty
The Production Process of Pearl Watches Pearl Watches

The Production Process of Pearl Watches

1. Shell Selection: High-quality shells, ideally sourced from Australia, are chosen for their pristine, ultra-white appearance.

2. Thickness Precision: Pearl is shaved and meticulously processed into 0.2mm thin sheets before being used for dial creation.

3. Edge Cutting and Shaping: Craftsmen employ CNC lathes to shape the pearl into perfect circles or desired designs.

4. Handcrafted Refinement: Craftsmen often manually refine pre-made pearl sheets, adding intricate patterns based on design requirements.

5. Embellishing Colors: A translucent coating is applied to the back of the pearl, enhancing its color with subtle shades like blue, pink, gray, and brown.

6. Surface Polishing: Polishing is crucial for revealing the natural radiance of the pearl, enhancing its overall luster.

7. Scale Imprinting: Numerical scales are printed or gemstones and 3D markers are embedded onto the pearl dial.

8. Final Ornamentation: Craftsmen adorn the dial with zirconia, colored gemstones, or gold leaf accents to create a dazzling effect.

9. Pointer Assembly: Once the hands are accurately placed, the dial is complete and ready for use.

The Production Process of Pearl Watches
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