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Custom Movements

Custom Movements

Custom movements refer to the option of further personalized customization for ODM watches. By customizing movements, you can create unique features for your watches. Whether it's special complications, unique time display methods, or specific mechanical structures, you can collaborate with the our custom watch factory to design movements that meet your needs. This customization option sets your watches apart, showcasing exceptional performance and quality while embodying the distinct identity of your brand. Please note that custom movements typically require a higher minimum order quantity, which may vary depending on the manufacturer. It's important to discuss the feasibility and requirements of custom movements with your chosen ODM watch manufacturer.

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How to Assemble Custom Movements?


Carefully choose the appropriate components, such as motors, gears, and linkages, based on the desired movement requirements and specifications.


Align and connect the selected components, ensuring proper alignment and positioning. This involves fitting and securing parts together using screws, bolts, or other suitable fasteners.


Establish the necessary electrical connections between the components, including motors, sensors, and control systems. 


Calibrate the custom movement to ensure accurate and precise operation. Watch exporter must test the movement for functionality, responsiveness, and smoothness, making any necessary adjustments or fine-tuning as needed.

Waterproof Pressure Testing for Custom Movements

Waterproof pressure testing for custom movements is conducted to verify their sealing and waterproof performance in underwater environments. This test typically involves the following steps:

  • Immersion Test: The custom movement is fully submerged in water to observe any signs of water leakage or penetration into the movement. During the test, the movement is often subjected to a certain water depth and immersion time to simulate real-world scenarios.

  • Pressure Test: The custom movement is placed in a specific pressure chamber and subjected to a certain water pressure to test its waterproof performance. The pressure gradually increases and is maintained for a period of time to evaluate whether the movement can withstand the required water pressure.

  • Visual Inspection: After the test is completed, a visual inspection is conducted on the custom movement to identify any signs of seal failure or damage. Key components such as gaskets, crown, buttons, and case back are examined to ensure they are intact.

  • Functional Testing: After the waterproof test, functional testing is performed on the custom make watch movement to ensure it continues to operate properly. The testing may involve operating and verifying functions such as timekeeping, date display, and chronograph features.

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