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Carisen GMT Watch

Carisen GMT Watch

A GMT watch, also known as a dual-time watch, allows the wearer to keep track of two time zones simultaneously. It features an additional hand or subdial indicating a different time zone. GMT watches are favored by frequent travelers or individuals who need to coordinate activities across different time zones. Carisen offers GMT watches that combine functionality and elegance, making them the perfect choice for globetrotters and those with a global lifestyle.

The Functions of GMT Watches

The Functions of GMT Watches

GMT watches offer a valuable function for tracking multiple time zones. Equipped with an additional hand or subdial, these bulk custom watches allow users to easily monitor a second time zone simultaneously. This feature proves especially useful for frequent travelers, business professionals, and individuals who regularly communicate with people in different time zones. By adjusting the GMT hand or bezel, wearers can quickly reference the time in another location without compromising the accuracy of the main time display.

GMT vs. World Time Watches

While both GMT and World Time watches offer the ability to track multiple time zones, they differ in their functionality. GMT watches typically feature an additional hand that indicates a second time zone, making them ideal for frequent travelers. On the other hand, World Time watches display multiple time zones simultaneously on the dial, often with city names or abbreviations. This makes them more suitable for individuals who frequently communicate with people in different regions. Whether you prefer the simplicity of a GMT watch or the comprehensive display of a World Time watch, both options provide convenience and flexibility for global timekeeping.

GMT vs. World Time Watches
How to Set and Use the GMT Function on Your Watch GMT Watch

How to Set and Use the GMT Function on Your Watch

Determine the GMT reference time: Identify the desired second time zone that you want to track using the GMT function.

Locate the GMT hand or subdial: Look for the additional hand or subdial on your watch that indicates the GMT time.

Adjust the GMT hand: Use the crown or dedicated pushers to set the GMT hand to match the desired second time zone.

Understand the 24-hour scale: Familiarize yourself with the 24-hour scale on the watch's dial or bezel, which corresponds to the GMT hand's movement.

Read the time: Use the main hour hand for the local time and the GMT hand for the second time zone. The 24-hour scale helps differentiate between AM and PM in the second time zone.

How to Set and Use the GMT Function on Your Watch
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