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Carisen Watch FAQs

Carisen Watch FAQs

Carisen is a leading ODM watch manufacturer specialized in quartz and mechanical watch areas for over 20 years.

Questions And Answers About Carisen
How long does it take to customize a watch?

Generally, the time required to customize make watch is around 35 days. The exact time depends on factors such as the materials, style, and quantity of the watch being customized.

Can Carisen provide professional packaging?

Yes, Carisen provides a one-stop service that includes watch customization, design, manufacturing, packaging, and delivery. Your satisfaction is our honor.

Can your factory provide me with new models regularly?

Certainly, our custom watch factory has a professional design team that regularly creates new models based on current trends. Whether you are a new or existing customer, we will ensure to provide you with the latest watch designs as soon as they are produced.

Is Carisen's watch assembly carried out in a dust-free workshop?

Absolutely, Carisen has a Class 100,000 dust-free workshop and utilizes Swiss watch manufacturing techniques and equipment to ensure the quality of every timepiece.

Can you make my designs? 

Yes, no problem. Additional functions, logo, Accessory, box all can customs as you require. Our design department can even design for you. 

Are Carisen watches expensive?

Customizing a watch does not necessarily mean higher prices. Our product prices generally range from $15 to $200. With our dedicated research and development team, we ensure high-quality products while significantly reducing procurement costs for our customers.

What are the available payment methods?

Carisen supports TT bank transfers.

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