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316L Watch Case in Various Case Materials

Watch Case Material

The selection and development of watch case and bracelet materials have always been one of the focuses of competition and rivalry among different watch brand manufacturers. There are currently ten major watch case materials, they are steel, 18K gold, plastic, 18K white gold, ceramic, titanium, platinum, carbon fiber, bronze, and palladium. They each have their own characteristics.

Since ancient times, precious metals and stainless steel have dominated the materials used to make watches. Obviously, precious metal watches tend to be expensive, especially those made of platinum and palladium. While these two metals excel in terms of stability and resistance to corrosion, they are not much superior to gold in terms of resistance to wear and tear. As a result, the wear and tear of watch cases and bracelets during daily wear has always been a major concern in the industry.

Although precious metal watches are favored for their unique appeal, the largest sellers are still 316L watch cases. Stainless steel gets its name because it is less susceptible to rust and corrosion than ordinary steel. By adding chromium, nickel, and other elements to steel, it is able to form an oxidized film that prevents rust and effectively resists the erosion of steel by air, water, acids, alkalis, and other external environments. In terms of aesthetics, durability, ease of processing, and cost, stainless steel has shown significant advantages, making it an ideal choice for watch cases and bracelets. Not only that, but steel watches are durable, and even if the surface is worn, it will still look as good as new when polished and refurbished.

It is worth mentioning that there are two main types of stainless steel used to make watch cases and bracelets: 316L and 904L watch cases. Most watch brands tend to choose 316L steel as their main material. Whether it is a 904L or 316L watch case, they both have the stability of long-term use and the convenience of daily use, injecting new vitality into the watch industry.

Market Advantage

The 316L Watch Case from CARISEN enjoys significant advantages in the market. Firstly, a 316L watch case is known for its excellent corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, which enables CARISEN Watch Case to withstand the test of time and environment and maintain its exquisite appearance for a long time. Secondly, CARISEN focuses on craftsmanship and polishing of details, and each case is carefully designed and manufactured to show the ultimate sense of refinement and quality. In addition, with rich industry experience and innovation ability, CARISEN constantly introduces new styles and practical functions of watch cases to meet the needs of different consumers. Finally, CARISEN has won the trust and praise of consumers with its high-quality customer service and perfect after-sale protection. To sum up, the 316L Watch Case of CARISEN has become a market leader by virtue of its excellent quality, exquisite craftsmanship, and wide market recognition.

Future Direction

As the ancient Chinese saying goes, "A tiny lapse is a huge mistake". Whether it is the research on the formulation of precious metal materials or stainless steel materials, these issues involving the application fields of material technology have always been the direction of our continuous research as human beings. Next, we will continue to explore.

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