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2020 New Year Celebration

To celebrate the 2020 New Year's Day, Carisen group hosted a full-staff participating, exclusive team building event on December 28th 2019. In the evening watched a wonderful performance and had a big dinner. Everyone has a prize.

Now let's revisit the scene.

In order to let the members of the company give full play to the spirit of teamwork, Our Co-founder Mr Ken personally went to the team building activities to explain the rules of the game for each game link, and to inform the relevant skills, so that everyone in the actual operation link to reduce errors. The whole link down, everyone improved the tacit understanding of teamwork, the sense of collective honor also doubled.

In the process of tug-of-war, women do not let the spirit of eyebrow play to the extreme, we do our best is the most lovely state. The whole day's team building activities ended with honor in a hilarity, although there are shortcomings, but it also gives us the space to organize the annual meeting activities next year to promote.

2020 New Year Celebration

In the evening, all the employees of Carisen Group took their seat to the table , followed by suppliers and customers to attend our annual dinner. Wonderful personal dance, let us see the amazing side of beautiful women, hot group dance, let us see the enthusiasm and upward spirit of all members of the marketing department, chorus program let us experience a nostalgia. The original singing and drum combination of the program, let us see the talent side of everyone, is crouching tiger hidden dragon ah!

2020 New Year Celebration

Carisen Group is proud of Mr Ken, a boss who loves his staff, family and suppliers. Everyone is willing to develop with the company from the bottom of our heart, which is the cornerstone of the future when Carisen Group to create new performance, let us wait and see, the future can be.

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